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The Lakes.

          The Bristol reservoirs consist of 4 different locations and seven individual bodies of water.                There is Chew Valley Lake, Blagdon Lake, The Barrow Tanks and The Litton Lakes (Currently not stocked).

Chew Valley Lake

Chew valley lake is the largest of the Bristol reservoirs. It is the 5th largest artificial lake in the UK at 1200 acres. The lake was first created in 1950 to supply water to Bristol and the surrounding area. It was first opened for fishing in 1956. The lake itself produces fine quality trout due to the superb work of the Bristol fisheries staff and in no small part to the quality of the aquatic environment. The lake was created by flooding incredibly rich farmland which in turn has manifested the superb conditions needed to support the flora and fauna that Chew Valley Lake has become famed for. These attributes lend themselves perfectly to a venue that provides top end pleasure and competition fishing.

Blagdon Lake

The jewel in the crown. Blagdon Lake is regarded as one of the most scenic lakes in the UK and without doubt this lake exhumes an air of poetic mystery, intrigue and history.

The lake at 440 acres is a significant body of water and is a designated SSSI.

The creation of the lake first started in 1898 and was known as the Yeo reservoir or Yeo lake, as it was fed by the river Yeo.

The history books show a rich tapestry in connection with the water and in the early days massive flights of ducks would frequent the water, providing what was described 'as the best duck shooting anywhere in the world'. The famed Dr Bell who frequented the shoreline of Butcombe bay was one of the early pioneers of reservoir fly fishing, he designed a Chiromid pupae pattern known locally as the Bell's buzzer, a fly, which to this day, will help an angler towards there fair share of fish.

The lake is a great lake for bank fishing due to its size and variety of shoreline.

A days fishing at Blagdon lake is an imperative for all fly fishers, for nostalgic reasons alone.

The Barrow Tanks

Water is pumped to the 3 Barrow tanks from Chew valley lake. The Barrow tanks are predominately concrete bowls sited above the city of Bristol and are used to supply the areas water.

Luckily for us anglers these holding units have provided a great and often very underestimated angling opportunity. It is not uncommon for the Barrows, as they are known locally, to out fish the other waters in Bristol Waters itinerary. This said, the tanks as they are otherwise known, are not any easy water to fish and will test even the very best of anglers.

There is no boat fishing at the Barrow tanks but the bank fishing is extensive and very accessible.

The shoreline is a great meeting place for the local anglers and as such there is a lively community of anglers.

For further information on the Bristol Water Reservoirs please visit their official website here BRISTOL WATER FISHERIES.

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