Fly Tying.


Fly tying is where one creates an artificial imitation of the fishes food source.

Basically the skill is made up of two topics. The craft or art of putting fur and feather to a hook and Entomology, the study of insects.

You do not need to tie flies to be a fly fisher as flies are readily available on the open market. But, there are some very distinct advantages in tying your own , one great advantage is that you get the satisfaction of the fish capture from bare hook to the dinner plate, from start to finish.

B.R.R.F.A hold fly tying evenings during the close season where we share pattern information and tying techniques.

These are friendly events and are held in the skittle alley at the Stoke Inn pub on alternate Monday evenings.

Non-members and non-drinkers are more than welcome.

Fly Tying Evenings.

Fly tying is the art of putting fur and feather to a hook and creating lures of sort to attract your querry, the Trout. However things are a bit more complicated than just lashing up some brightly coloured hook type things. Entomology is the study of insects and to some degree the fly fisher must have at least a basic understanding of this subject and a very interesting subject it is to. Especially when it is applied to fly tying, fly tying can be made as simple or as complicated as one likes, but the aim is always clear, you are tying your flies to fool your quarry, and there is a reason why the fish of choice has been coined 'The Wiley Trout'.

During our fly tying evenings we help each other with the intricacies of fly tying, we usually share a pint, as these evenings take place at the pub and to be honest it is a great way to stay in touch with our friends and prepare for the forthcoming fly fishing season.

The fly tying evenings are held in The Stoke Inn pub on alternate Monday Evenings during the months of November through to February. This year our first meeting will be on Monday November 11th starting at 7.30pm.  Further dates here.


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