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2023 Competition Dates & Venues.

​All club members are welcome. 

To book your place in any of the following events contact Andrew Stones unless otherwise specified.


The B.R.F.F.A 2023 Club Competitions.

Competition times are: 10am - 6pm for Boats and for the Bank the times are 7am - 5pm.


The entry fee for boats on both Chew and Blagdon will be confirmed by email/newsletter/Facebook or posters.

The Bank entry fee, including meal and prizes is £10.00 plus you will need to buy your Bristol Water Bank Ticket.

There are boat concessions for OAPs (less £2.00) and for Full Season Ticket holders (less £20.00).


Please try and book well in advance as we need to book the boats with Bristol Water.

If you make a late decision then please contact us to make sure that we have a space for you.

To take part contact Andy Stones HERE


  1. ​​Sunday 2nd APRIL - Garafit Cup Competition to be fished on Chew - ENTRY IS CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT!

  2. Saturday 29th APRIL - Spring Shield Competition to be fished on Chew - BOAT & BANK

  3. Sunday 4th JUNE - Tony Donnelly Memorial Competition to be fished on Chew.

  4. Sunday 11th JUNE - Classic Floating Line Competition to be fished on Chew - BOAT & BANK

  5. ​​Saturday 9th SEPTEMBER - Red Lion Carpets Hidden Teams Competition to be fished on Chew - BOAT & BANK

  6. Saturday 14th OCTOBER - Hidden Pairs Competition to be fished on Blagdon - BOAT ONLY


Bill's BRFFA Mid-Week Match - 2023

This monthly fun competition is fished to Club Rules – Any line, drifting boats only, no anchoring,

competition sized flies only, no weighted flies, but Roly Poly is permitted.


Match times are approximately 9 a.m. - 5 p.m


Catch and Release only.​

Fish with a 'buddy' if you wish.


Cost: £40+ per day on both lakes. (£20 discount for qualifying season ticket holders)


Optional £5 Pool with 1st and 2nd place prizes.​ 


These are closed events for club members only, but beginners are welcome.


To take part contact Bill Pugh HERE

  1. Wednesday April 12th - Chew

  2. Wednesday May 10th - Chew

  3. Wednesday June 7th - Blagdon

  4. Wednesday July 12th - Chew

  5. Wednesday August 16th - Chew

  6. Wednesday September 13th - Chew

Bristol Water Fisheries Evening Boat League 2023 – Run by the BRFFA

There is generous sponsorship from Bristol Water.  The winner of each round gets a free boat ticket (limited to one per entrant) and there are cash and boat prizes for the eventual winners.

The rules are simple. The competition is fished to Club Rules – floating line only, drifting boats, no anchoring, competition flies, no weighted flies.

It is catch and release only with any ties being decided by the time of your 3rd fish.

It costs £15 to join the league – and you can come along at any point as only the top 9 results count to the final result.

Entry is £24.50 per evening plus £5.50 to include food afterwards at a local pub.​

 This is an open event so non-club members are welcome and beginners are encouraged which gives them the opportunity to share a boat with a top match fisherman. Boat partners are 'drawn from the hat' before each match.

To take part contact Andy Stones HERE

  1. Tuesday 4th April - Chew.

  2. Tuesday 18th April - Blagdon.

  3. Tuesday 2nd May - Chew.

  4. Tuesday 16th May - Blagdon.

  5. ​Tuesday 30th May - Blagdon.

  6. ​Tuesday 13th June - Chew.

  7. ​Tuesday 27th June - Chew.

  8. ​Tuesday 11th July - Chew.

  9. ​Tuesday 25th July - Chew.

  10. ​Tuesday 8th Aug - Chew.

  11. Tuesday 22nd Aug - Chew.

  12. Tuesday 5th Sept - Chew.

  13. Tuesday 26th Sept - Chew.

  14. Saturday 30th Sept - Final to be fished on Chew - (Fishing the Final will cost £35)

The A.M.F.C. 2023 Competitions.

Please let us know in plenty of time if you are interested in representing the BRFFA this year.​

You will be competing in Group 3. 

These are light hearted competitions and a great chance to try different waters, meet new anglers and to learn.

Please note that Boat Fees for AMFC competitions are paid for by the club.

For further information contact Andy Stones HERE



  1. Round 1 - Saturday 22nd April  - Rutland​

  2. Round 2 - Saturday 6th May - Chew

  3. Round 3 - Saturday 27th May  - Grafham​

  4. Round 4 - Thursday 15th June - Pitsford

  5. Round 5 - Saturday 1st October  - Eyebrook

  6. Round 6 - Saturday 7th October  - Draycote

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