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Fly fishing competitions.

We do enjoy our fly fishing competitions here at the association. It does'nt matter if you are an International contender, a competetive personality, a novice angler or as the Irish anglers say, just in it for the Craic. All are welcome.

The B.R.F.F.A Competitions.


These club competitions attract some of the best anglers in the country.

All fly fishers are welcome and it should be noted that a huge amount can be learnt by taking part and watching the locals and pro's. Likewise, a huge reward can be gained by the individual who steps outside of their comfort zone and pits their skills against the wiley trout and of those in pursuit of top honours.


A great way to enjoy an evening’s fishing in the company of local anglers.  Always fun, always plenty to learn and a great way to meet up with friends and fellow anglers. 
The Association of Major Flyfishing  Clubs  A.M.F.C  


These competitons are held in association with other fishing clubs around the country. The competitions are team affairs made up solely of club members. The competitions are held at different waters of such as Rutland Water, Bewl, Draycote Reservoir, Grafham and our very own Chew Valley Lake. We currently compete in Division 2 and these usually light hearted competitions offer participants the chance to meet new anglers and to enjoy different waters and experiences. However, there is no reason at all to not be in with a chance of some great prizes and recognition of ones fly fishing abilities from the competitive standpoint.






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