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Club members representing the BRFFA in 2024 will be announced soon.

The Emergers and The Drifters (now BRFFA Team Cortland)


The B.R.F.F.A Emergers and the B.R.F.F.A Team Cortland are the associations two representative fishing teams.

 They fish the major national competitions and qualifiers. 



Over the winter, the Team reached a mutually beneficial sponsorship arrangement with Cortland UK.  In recognition of this close affiliation with Cortland, the team will be fishing as ‘BRFFA Team Cortland’ with immediate effect. On behalf of the team and the BRFFA, we would like to extend our thanks to Gary Pearson, Cortland’s UK Brand Ambassador for the support. 


The annual Captaincy rotation sees Gary Haskins take over from Tony Baldwin for 2018.  The Team and the Club would like to thank Tony for his significant contribution during 2017 and wish Gary well for the coming season. 


In terms of personnel for 2018, ‘BRFFA Team Cortland’ remains unchanged.    


Gary Haskins (Capt.)

Tony Baldwin 

Tim Wellman

Mark Miles

Lloyd Pallett

Mark Withyman


2017 Team Report.


With Mark Withyman and Tony Baldwin selected for Five Nations International duties, the team focussed on the Sportfish competition for 2017.  Entry into the AWAI Team event was not possible due to the Five Nation’s schedule clashing with the AWAI Regional final. 


Sportfish Competition 



18th June 2017 - Sportfish Teams Qualifier at Chew 


With two days practice behind them, the team had narrowed Chew down into two productive areas.  The better, grown on fish were located around Stratford and Moreton and were feeding hard on Blood Worm, Corixa and Damsels.  Back up, fresher and smaller fish were also found in reasonable numbers throughout Villace bay. 


With a very strong field, the decision to target the grown on fish with teams of nymphs with buoyant pattern on the point proved invaluable.  The team went on to win the qualifying heat by 4lb 15oz despite having caught one less fish than the highly respected Team Airflo who took 2nd. 


24th and 25th  August 2017 - Sportfish Teams Final at Chew and Blagdon


The Drifters nominated Gary Haskins and Mark Withyman to fish Blagdon while the balance of the team took on the notably more temperamental and challenging Chew.  It was a well thought out plan and a decision that was to pay dividends. On day one, Mark and Gary put in a commanding performance with their finely tuned washing line tactics at Blagdon finishing 9 fish and 25lb clear of 2nd place Nymphomaniacs.  


Meanwhile at Chew, the remaining members of the team didn’t capitalise on their two days practice as anticipated and failed to contribute fully to the scoresheet.  Nevertheless, the collective team effort meant that that BRFFA Drifters were in 2nd place overall heading into day two.    


Day two saw conditions at both lakes soften and expectations built as the team felt this would support their imitative cruncher and diawl bach approach.  Gary and Mark continued to excel at Bladgon while Tony Baldwin put in a notable Captains performance on Chew having found feeding fish holding on the weed beds and capitalised late on in the match.   


Overall the team finished a very credible 5th and just 12lb off the medals and prize fund.  Our congratulations go to Team Airflo who managed a convincing win over the two days. 


Other competitions


Tony Baldwin Captained England Blue in this year’s Five Nations held in Clitheroe, Lancashire.   Tony was supported by Mark Withyman, Tom Gott and Tom Speak.  England Blue achieved a notable 4th place having attained 74 placing points while Mark managed a superb 2nd place individually.   


The French took the spoils at this year’s Five Nations finishing comfortably ahead of England Red, and Ireland A.  A complete breakdown of team and Individual placings for the 5 Nations event can be found here.


Individually the team did well in the qualifying rounds for the English National Loch Style Final, with four of the team making it through to the Final at Rutland.  Mark Withyman finished in 23rd place securing his 9th Loch Style Cap for ATTEFF.  

                                                                                          2017 EMERGERS -TEAM UPDATE


The Emergers squad welcomes the arrival of Paul Golding and Nick Hart, both formerly of Team Snowbee.  This follows the departure of Tim Wellman to join the BRFFA Drifters team.


 This means that the 2017 squad will be:


Graham Currie (Capt.)


Andrew Wiles


Tony George


Chris Jones


Malcolm Hunt


Paul Golding


Nick Hart


Rik Anderson


Ali Munn


Joan Russell



The team will once again be entering teams in the Anglian Water Airflo International and the Sportfish team comps.  We will also be entering 2 teams in the Fishtec League (with the help of one or two friends) as well as fully supporting all the BRFFA matches, Major Clubs if required and a number of individual competitions.


2016 – a tough year

We started the 2016 competition year with the loss of Mark Miles to the new BRFFA Drifters team.  But we moved quickly and brought in all round angler (and manager at Manningford) Malcolm Hunt.


Anglian Water Airflo International


The AWAI heat on Chew was held on April 30th.  This was won by a dominant performance from the BRFFA Drifters but a good all round team showing saw the Emergers go through to the semi final at Grafham.


This was held in July and we shared accommodation with the drifters in the Grafham Lodges.  2 days hard practice saw the team find fish in several parts of the lake responding to nymphing and washing line techniques.  But much hotter weather on the day made it tough going and the fish much harder to tempt.  The team finished up a disappointing 5th and missed the International Final.  But it was good enough to get us through to a special Grafham Championship.


This was held on October 1st.  Conditions were good and our practice day found a lot of fish along the north shore as well as pods of stockies through the middle and dam basin.  On the day the match was decided on time bonuses with all top 4 teams taking 48 fish.  The Emergers took 46 fish and came a creditable 5th with some very good teams behind us.  Andrew found some better quality fish along The Willows on washing line and was 6th individually.


Sportfish Teams


Formerly the Lexus Teams and run by John Horsey we took part in the qualifying heat on Chew but missed out qualifying by a single fish!!  With stories of lost and bumped fish all through the team it was a tough result to take


Other competitions


After the 6 rounds of the Fishtec League the Red Emergers team came in 4th place, ahead of some very strong teams.  And individually there were

successes.  Graham Currie finished a very creditable 8th with Tony George in 11th and Chris Jones in 13th.


In the BRFFA club comps, Graham dominated the field to win the Veals Spring Cup at a canter, Tony George came 4th in the Orvis and Paul Golding won the Snowbee Hidden Pairs.


                                                                                      2017 DRIFTERS -TEAM UPDATE


This year the Drifters squad welcomes Tim Wellman into the team.


The team for the 2017 season will be:


Tony Baldwin (Capt.)


Tim Wellman


Mark Miles


Lloyd Pallet


Mark Withyman


Gary Haskins



This year the team will only be entering the Sportfish competition due to two of the team, Mark W and Tony B, being selected for the five nation’s event which clashes with the Anglian regional final.We will of course be fishing some of the individual competitions and the club days.


                                                                                            2016 RESULTS


The team for 2016 included Paul Davison and both Andrew Haskins and Tony Donnelly fished the Anglian final with us.


Anglian Water Airflo International


The AWAI heat on Chew was held on April 30th. The team won the event finding fish on the false island, with Tony Baldwin putting in a Captains performance with top rod on the day. This qualified us to fish the Regional Southern final at Grafham water in July. Here the fishing was not easy with lake colouring rapidly due to the heat and flat calm conditions.

Despite this the team managed to win the event with both Lloyd Pallet and Mark Miles catching well to nymphs on a washing line around the Savages area. This result qualified us for the international final at Rutland at the beginning of October.


This was a two day final following two days of practise, the fish were poddy with reports of many double and triple ups!! Unfortunately, the results after day one saw us struggling with other teams finding the fish down the middle of the basin and onto the peninsular. Day two saw us recover some ground eventually finishing up in 7th place overall.


Sportfish Teams


The Chew qualifying round saw good conditions to start with the sun coming through later on. The majority of the boat fleet headed towards the Dam area with fish being found from the Dam wall along to the sailing club. Other teams appeared to get off to a flyer, but we managed to recover ground, eventually finishing in second place and qualifying us to the final.


The final was held at Rutland, despite a good practise the wind was building….and building!

Match day saw us arrive to the wind coming from the bottom of the South arm and gusting to over 40 mph! The braver anglers went straight to the Basin area and caught fish high in the water to pulling tactics. Unfortunately other teams exploited the large amount of fish in the basin and we were not able to recover finishing a disappointing 13th place.


Other competitions


Individually the team did well in the qualifying rounds for the National Final, with five of the team making it through to the final at Chew. Mark Miles again came to the fore finishing overall in second place and achieving his 7th England cap.

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