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The Committee.

is dedicated to keeping the B.R.F.F.A current and active.

Through the committee the B.R.F.F.A exists to solidify all that is enjoyed by our members and indeed the anglers that avail of our offerings, be it competitions, education, friendship, auctions, fishing trips or pints of the good stuff.

The committee is purely voluntary and obviously due to the members individual circumstances the various positions within the said committee can sometimes need support or full adoption of a given role.


So it is to this end that on behalf of all our  members, we would like to thank the committee  for their sterling efforts this year (2024 - 2025)




                                                           Chairman - Tim Wellman


                                                           Secretary - Ron Howard


                                                           Treasurer - Bill Pugh


                                                           Membership Secretary - Tony Coxhead

                                                           Committee Members -


                                                    Andy Stones - Competitions Manager

                                                    Tony Torrington - Bank Fishers Liaison

                                                    Lee Williams - General Support Officer

                                                    Tony Coxhead - Webmaster

                                                    Bernie Weaver - Ambassador

                                                    Seb Pecchia - Communications, Publicity & Branding

         To contact any committee member, please do so through the CONTACT PAGE. Thank you.


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