The Committee.

is dedicated to keeping the B.R.F.F.A current and active.

Through the committee the B.R.F.F.A exists to solidfy all that is enjoyed by ourselves, members and indeed the anglers that avail of our offerings, be it competitions, education, friendship, auctions, fishing trips or pints of the good stuff.

The committee is purely voluntary and obviously due to the members individual circumstances the various positions within the said committee can sometimes need support or full adoption of a given role.


So it is to this end that on behalf of all our present members and witting non-members, we would like to thank for their sterling efforts, this years (2019-2020) committee, who are by name:


Chairman -

Richard Evershed


Secretary -

Martin Cottis


Treasurer -

Andrew Wiles


Membership Secretary -

Mrs Lesley Roach


Auditor -

Mr Cuthbert


Committee Members -

Tim Wellman

Tony Torrington

Lee Williams

Mark Miles

Tony Coxhead

Mark Weaver

Bill Pugh

         To contact any committee member, please do so through the CONTACT PAGE. Thankyou.


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